Our growing team of 40+ employees can maximize your hashrate and fully working ASICs with expeditious turnaround times. With a comprehensive 40,000 sq ft ASIC repair facility in crypto-friendly Cleveland, Ohio, we can easily ship and receive your ASICs and other mining equipment. RepairBit’s services can be tailored to seamlessly manage any step in the ASIC repair and deployment process, including door-to-door service.

                · ASIC Optimization: Cleaning, Processing, Firmware Flash, Repair

                · ASIC Packing, Logistics & Inventory

                · Custom Box & Foam

                · Immersion & Ambient Air Prep

                · Mine Deployment & Maintenance

                · Bitmain and MicroBT Certified Hash Board & Chip-Level Diagnostics, Repair & Replacement

                · Repossession of ASICs

                · Warehouse Storage